COVID-19 Update from GMEDC

The Board of Directors and staff at GMEDC joins all Vermont’s Regional Development Corporations (RDCs) and Regional Planning Commissions (RPCs) to assure the public we are communicating on a constant basis and taking direction from the Governor’s office and the Agency of Commerce and Community Development to best inform and guide our residents as well as our guests with current directives and recommendations. The following website link is the best source of information available barring none:


As we work through this horrible ordeal, we are urging everyone to please remain calm and sensitive to the needs of each other and especially those of our First Responders and medical providers, as we practice social distancing to the maximum extent possible and self-isolate if ill.


Business owners who intend to apply for loans from federal, state or local sources should carefully assemble their records and familiarize themselves with the loan applications posted on-line (see above). This will best prepare them for a successful and rapid outcome, as experienced post Irene. Nobody knows yet the full extent of this pandemic and rushing to apply too soon could prove to be detrimental. This is the advice we are being asked to circulate.


Our staff of two (Bob and Mark) are working remotely but are happy to provide advice and referrals as quickly as we can, but please familiarize yourself with the information available on-line before you contact us. We manage two small loan funds ourselves (Hartford Business Revolving Loan Fund – Hartford only, and a USDA Business Disaster Loan Fund – businesses in our 30 towns in Orange and Windsor County) that we can explain to you. As you must imagine, we are swamped and doing our best to respond to a changing situation. None-the-less, we remain eager to help if we can, as we can.  


Please stay safe and be well,


Bob Haynes, Executive Director